The concept


We develop Asymmetric Free Space Optical (FSO) data communication solutions, primarily for interacting systems in industrial facilities. In comparison to the "complementary", or "competing", technologies such as radio frequency (RF) based datacom, an Asymmetric FSO link provides a high-speed and interference-free communication method which is almost impossible to intercept. Furthermore, the technology is energy efficient and, if implemented correctly, quickly installed. Our patented system have been designed in a way that also constitutes a reliable positioning system. Thus, the method can be used not only for data transfer, but also for achieving full traceability and full control of industrial operations.



Some properties from our existing Minimum Viable Product are presented below. The only difference between the MVP and our main concept, with AFSO described above, is that in the MVP a passive retro-reflector is used. Still, the main benefit of control and traceability is obtained.

By means of our MVP system, the tool is enabled only at the correct operation point, whereas it is disabled everywhere else. This is achieved by our top-unit(s) connecting to the facility network (LAN or serial) and interacting with the data communication between the production system and the tool. Control and traceability is thus achieved without the need of any modification in existing production system, hence our system can be installed quickly. 

Tool control and traceability


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