Welcome to beotop inn !

- Our system is presented below in some demo videos 

Demo video no. 11

Beotop Innovation top unit system - for smarter assembly

Video summarising the system offered by Beotop, featuring industrial tool control and traceability as well as "real augmented reality" using computer vision and laser technology at assembly lines in manufacturing facilities.

Demo video no. 10

Truck assembly with computer vision and laser guidance

Demonstrating pre-configuration and real-time assembling of a truck divided in few parts.. in LEGO. Also showing easy-to-use system gui

Demo video no. 9

REAL "augmented reality"

Guiding an operator using computer vision and laser technology

Demo video no. 8

Any tool type

Control and/or traceability with any tool type, simple tools as well as smart tools

Demo video no. 7

Error proofing

Full control with no mistakes

Demo video no. 6

The Line-of-sight challenge

Configuring, guiding, performing and logging tool operations, with full control and full traceability

Demo video no. 5

The Unboxing Experience

A brief look at a part of our system. For assembly line control and traceability Operation tracking by computer vision and laser precision

A quote we like:

"Politics beat money, but

technology beats politics"

/Jan Stenbeck

         successful Swedish entrepreneur