Welcome to beotop inn !

- Our system is presented below in some demo videos 

Demo video no. 9

REAL "augmented reality"

Guiding an operator using computer vision and laser technology

Demo video no. 8

Any tool type

Control and/or traceability with any tool type, simple tools as well as smart tools

Demo video no. 7

Error proofing

Full control with no mistakes

Demo video no. 6

The Line-of-sight challenge

Configuring, guiding, performing and logging tool operations, with full control and full traceability

Demo video no. 5

The Unboxing Experience

A brief look at a part of our system. For assembly line control and traceability Operation tracking by computer vision and laser precision

A quote we like:

"Politics beat money, but

technology beats politics"

/Jan Stenbeck

         successful Swedish entrepreneur