our philosophy

"Politics beat money, but

technology beats politics"

/Jan Stenbeck

         successful Swedish entrepreneur

Do you think the best technological ideas always find a way forward? That they, as long as they are better than the previous ideas, just turn out the old ones and take over? Directly and without pardon?


Yes, they should. Just as in the evolutionary study of traits in biological beings of a certain biotope, there are characteristics of some ideas that are simply better suited to the world ahead.


Unfortunately, however, there are obstacles in the way, that counteract these changes. Heavy organisations with vast bureaucracy and fragmented leadership often encounter difficulties in their struggle to create favorable conditions for creative thinking.

Thus, small and light-footed companies with joyful creativity try to find their place among the big elephants.

However, a risk of the startup companies with their innovative ideas is that they become self-sufficient and always consider themselves  better than everything old. Remember that the big old company has a long history of successful work behind it. This history is translated into 'Experience', which is just as important as an innovative drive.

We at BEOTOP INNOVATION AB have learned these lessons. Thus, we stand for long and rich experience without being bound by politics. We also stand for innovative ideas without becoming too nonchalant.





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